What To Expect

Your Free In-Home Consultation Has Been Set.

Our expert will arrive at your home with hand samples and color samples of products. As you look over the samples, technical measurements will be taken so that the windows will not have to be measured again once you have made a selection.

We will do some number crunching and a yellow sheet will be given to you with your pricing. You will receive no pressure for a decision. Of course, if you decide on Window Blinds NYC immediately, then we will collect 50% of the total price either by check, cash or credit card. If you make a decision later, and you want to pay by check, we will return to your house for the deposit; otherwise we will take a credit card number over the phone for ½ the amount of the total price.

Usually the next day, you will receive a phone call from the installers to set up a time and date for your installation which is usually 7 days later, depending on your schedule. The installers work very quickly and can normally finish 12 windows in less than one hour. If you wish to pay your final balance with a check, the installers will collect the check from you at installation.


When it comes to obtaining a quote for the supply and installation of window coverings, there are numerous factors that should be considered.

All blinds, shutters, and sunscreens are not the same. They may look similar but they may not be the same. They often vary considerably in quality of the material and components used. This can mean a difference in price and the quality of your window coverings. This is where we have already done the shopping for you. We do not represent just one manufacturer as many companies do, but have researched and tested many manufacturers and offer only those who use quality materials and components and who stand behind their products. Then we have refined our choices and use only the products from each manufacturer that we have determined to be the best quality for the best price that will suit your needs for color and presentation. We also use experienced installation technicians to ensure long lasting operation of your blinds, shutters, and sunscreens.

Don’t be blinded by price! Price, of course, is an important factor in any purchase and we all like to stay within our budgets; however, the price is soon forgotten if your window coverings look ordinary and lack quality. A cheaper price usually means a lower quality product. Sometimes, a quote is not what it seems to be. If your other quote differs substantially from ours, then there is probably a very good quality reason. If you have a cheaper quote, please let us know and we will probably be able to tell you why. We may also be able to change our first choice of manufacturers to accommodate your budget without compromising quality. Just call us after you have received all of your quotes to discuss your options.